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🎥NCT U 'Make A Wish (Birthday Song)' MV :
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  • Ida Szczerba
    Ida Szczerba10 menit yang lalu

    whoever put xiaojun in this unit is a freaking genius

  • Michelle Cortina
    Michelle CortinaJam Yang lalu

    Lucas loving himself and his leader is awesome looool so cute

  • kpopers korea
    kpopers koreaJam Yang lalu

    Lucas yang kebanyakan memuji dirinya sendiri :) Pd banget tapi emang bener bener keren

  • kpopers korea
    kpopers koreaJam Yang lalu

    Shotaro lucu banget, gemesss

  • holomando
    holomandoJam Yang lalu

    lucas is so cute offstage but omg him in the mv got me dead

  • Nicole G.
    Nicole G.2 jam yang lalu

    Lucas seems like he got a lot closer to Taeyong after promoting together so much =)

  • Fahama
    Fahama2 jam yang lalu

    Thank you soo much for blessing us with this banger

  • Krystal El
    Krystal El2 jam yang lalu

    the whole time my eyes were on jaemin idk why but he kinda looks calm.this convinced me that he is really an introvert

  • Celeste Yauri
    Celeste Yauri2 jam yang lalu

    I love your reactions 😂💖😘

  • 長谷川
    長谷川2 jam yang lalu

    Shotaro smile is so precious OMG! Please protect him! :( How proud he is :)

  • Fiyaa _525
    Fiyaa _5253 jam yang lalu

    I wish I also have those confident loving youself Lucas (´△`)

  • Fiyaa _525
    Fiyaa _5253 jam yang lalu

    5:14 same Lucas same!!! That was when for the first time hear the song 😂😂😂

  • Fiyaa _525
    Fiyaa _5253 jam yang lalu

    Shotaro you cutie 🥺 congrats on your debut and first music video ~ can't wait to see more side of you 💚

  • regina deng
    regina deng3 jam yang lalu

    why does xiaojun and jaeman look so left out

  • valentina SVT
    valentina SVT3 jam yang lalu

    I love Doyoung so much ♡ I love his voice and he seems so calm and charming to me :)

  • pcy y
    pcy y4 jam yang lalu

    gosh shotaro is so cuteee

  • Helena Trent
    Helena Trent4 jam yang lalu

    I strive to love myself as much as Lucas loves himself

  • Yuni Pristiwaningsih
    Yuni Pristiwaningsih4 jam yang lalu


  • FGraceila
    FGraceila5 jam yang lalu

    excuse me everyone, I'm here to get the yasinan carpet, the problem is like the carpet in my grandmother's house😣😖🙇 I'm just kidding, don't take it seriously😄😄

  • I'm Mulfand
    I'm Mulfand5 jam yang lalu


  • Sophie Choy
    Sophie Choy5 jam yang lalu


  • tya almira
    tya almira5 jam yang lalu

    hahahaha lucas so cuteee

  • Gale Valerie Bandong
    Gale Valerie Bandong5 jam yang lalu

    i dont need to fangirl for lucas, he can perfectly fanboy himself hahahaha

  • Rya Babe
    Rya Babe5 jam yang lalu

    I’m starting to think that lucas is falling in love with himself lmao

  • Avrilla maulida
    Avrilla maulida6 jam yang lalu

    Ngakak bet liat Lucas😭

  • Na Sa
    Na Sa6 jam yang lalu

    A new members in nct ? I still strugling with previous members names 😅 it is loom like there is an adjesment and jaemin join nct u.

  • 今熱があるりん
    今熱があるりん6 jam yang lalu

    私はCaratなんですけど、同い歳のしょうたろうくん本当に応援してます❕❕❕ ブイラで教えてくれていたようにアンチコメは見たらあかん。 あなたは愛されるべきアイドルなんやから。 私生活がないと言っても過言ではない韓国アイドルって職業は、私たちからキラキラ輝いている憧れの職業でもあると同時にドロドロと醜くて汚い側面をも持ち合わせているものだと思う。傲慢にならずにひたむきに音楽に向き合ってください。急に環境が変わってあることないことばかり言われることもあると思います。 辛かったらメンバーに相談するのが1番だと思います。心も身体も大事にしてください。 しょうたろうくんの幸せを願っています🤞

  • Yam Yam
    Yam Yam6 jam yang lalu

    TAEYONG,LUCAS,JAEMIN & JAEHYUN are like crossed legs group and DOYOUNG ,SHOTARO & XIAOJUN are like open legs brother

  • NCTzen
    NCTzen6 jam yang lalu

    So proud of you guys

  • NCTzen
    NCTzen6 jam yang lalu


  • herti siagian
    herti siagian7 jam yang lalu

    Siapa sih nama yg disebelah kanan itu? Kok auranya beda bgt

  • herti siagian
    herti siagian7 jam yang lalu

    Omg.. i find my new group bias ❤️❤️

  • Laisy uwu
    Laisy uwu7 jam yang lalu

    Q coisinhas mais fofas :')..💖💕

  • bebbe dial
    bebbe dial7 jam yang lalu


  • Iratze Cárdenas
    Iratze Cárdenas8 jam yang lalu

    4:20 Jaemin: it is addictive My brain: plays the song 24/7 even in my sleep Me: Really? :)

  • Miranda Nezha
    Miranda Nezha8 jam yang lalu

    When Lucas part come he is omggg look at mee oh yeah And when his past gone he is back serios😂😂😂

  • Nick-E Nicole
    Nick-E Nicole8 jam yang lalu

    What a bunch of uWus lol

  • Rizaldi Sevenfoldism
    Rizaldi Sevenfoldism8 jam yang lalu

    Is that Shotaro or JOOOOTAAAROOOO

  • Bookweenie
    Bookweenie8 jam yang lalu

    Jaemin oh sexy count:85964177

  • mei duan
    mei duan8 jam yang lalu

    shotaro is too cute

  • Windha Wardhani
    Windha Wardhani8 jam yang lalu

    Lucas was very happy to see himself, it looks so cute 😂

  • Krisha Marie Orbiso
    Krisha Marie Orbiso8 jam yang lalu

    Doyoung is being a sponge, concentrating in absorbing all. BWAHAHHAHAHA

  • Li o La
    Li o La9 jam yang lalu

    3:01 Jaemin : 👁👄👁

  • Ja De
    Ja De9 jam yang lalu


  • Mdrana Mdrana
    Mdrana Mdrana9 jam yang lalu

    mikey chen

  • Kyra Aiden
    Kyra Aiden9 jam yang lalu

    and there is lucas..yoo wassup man😂

  • Narutotrickzxtv 3D
    Narutotrickzxtv 3D10 jam yang lalu

    The way Taeyong is everyones number one fan.

  • M V
    M V10 jam yang lalu

    Lucas loves himself so much. Who doesn’t?? He is the reason!

  • Huỳnh Trâm DÆ°Æ¡ng
    Huỳnh Trâm Dương11 jam yang lalu

    Shotaro is cuteeeeeeeeeeee 🥰

  • Arsinta Bunga K G
    Arsinta Bunga K G11 jam yang lalu

    nyenegin banget shotaro diliatnya

  • Rosol Masri
    Rosol Masri11 jam yang lalu

    اي لفف هممممم!

  • Rosol Masri
    Rosol Masri11 jam yang lalu

    كل مقطع يجي لواحد منهم بصيرو يصيحو 😂🖤🖤🖤🖤!!

  • Rosol Masri
    Rosol Masri11 jam yang lalu

    ماي هارتتتت

  • Rosol Masri
    Rosol Masri11 jam yang lalu

    كل الفيدد لطافةة بموتت !!!

  • Maura arin
    Maura arin12 jam yang lalu

    Sepanjang video Member yeayy Lucas:*muji diri sendiri wkwk

  • clary riddle
    clary riddle12 jam yang lalu

    Shotarooo so cuteee

  • Luanna
    Luanna12 jam yang lalu

    Lucas is just so pureee❤️

  • aquuus 0
    aquuus 012 jam yang lalu

    쇼타로는 웃는 게 매력이네... 몰랐는데 토끼상 같다 춤도 잘 추고 매력 있네

  • L Y
    L Y12 jam yang lalu

    shotaro is so fucking cute omg he's a baby i love him

  • Nur Selina
    Nur Selina12 jam yang lalu

    JAEMIN why are you so handsome, I want to have it right.

  • Anastasia Fedyukovicha
    Anastasia Fedyukovicha13 jam yang lalu

    this unit is amazing

  • Maria Angela Magpantay
    Maria Angela Magpantay13 jam yang lalu

    even jaehyun is wipped for jaehyun 2:53

  • 알흠다훔
    알흠다훔13 jam yang lalu

    본인들 영상에 본인들이 주접떠는거 왜이렇게 좋냨ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ귀여어ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • Dara Meysa
    Dara Meysa14 jam yang lalu

    Ini MV pertama shotaro kah?

  • Elena Radu
    Elena Radu15 jam yang lalu

    I wanted to say: "Lucas hyping up himself is the best thing" all the comments: *talking about how Lucas really loves himself* :)))

  • Sha C
    Sha C15 jam yang lalu

    I love how they hype each other up. *Every member of this NCT U era is loved, and it perfectly shows* ❤️ I'm smiling the whole time because they're like family. Lucas *hyping himself at the start then proceeds to HYPE AND CLING TO Taeyong the whole time which makes Taeyong hype himself too* (sample: 1:05 🤣😂😍), and saying how he loves Jaehyun's fire + Xiaojun's part (he lovingly bullies him at WayV but he knows when to hype a talent). The way he hyped throughout the video is too funny. Taeyong loving everyone's parts and smiling the whole time like a proud mama. ❤️ ("Oh, Lucas" to Lucas part, and during Jaemin's parts) Doyoung hyping Shotaro and Xiaojun and loving the whole video Jaehyun is concentrated on the video but he smiles at the performances of each member Jaemin hyping Jaehyun's parts and being clingy is too adorable Xiaojun hyping Shotaro and giving him a hug (it's so sweet) and the look of happiness during his parts Shotaro being a talented baby who's hyping up his hyungs.

  • chandana Gvs
    chandana Gvs15 jam yang lalu

    That guy in all black with deep voice,what’s his name ??He’s so hot ..

  • Matokis, whistles and guns.

    Matokis, whistles and guns.

    11 jam yang lalu


  • Jo
    Jo15 jam yang lalu

    omfg both Lucas & Shotaro physically recoiling back from the screen at Lucas's sexy part made me crack up sm LOL cuties

  • Sahnaz Amaral
    Sahnaz Amaral15 jam yang lalu

    from the beginning of the video to the end of the video Shotaro (⌒‿⌒)

  • chrispylovesnana
    chrispylovesnana16 jam yang lalu


  • Aeseon Lee
    Aeseon Lee16 jam yang lalu

    Ghaddddd why shotaro give such uwu vibes 🥺🥺 but when he is performing on stage his literally different and i love that!!! that'my bias wrecker right thereeeee 😛✨

  • duru dara
    duru dara17 jam yang lalu

    shotaro's smile remind me of shownu's ... so precious!!!

  • Fernanda
    Fernanda17 jam yang lalu

    los amo mucho, me hacen muy feliz

  • ada gabriela grajales pablo
    ada gabriela grajales pablo17 jam yang lalu

    I would recognize anywhere the voice´s of doyoung , plus bunny doyoung always considerate of the members

  • Safina Fairuzia Putri Maharani
    Safina Fairuzia Putri Maharani17 jam yang lalu


  • 19O5O3OO5_ Siti Khofifah
    19O5O3OO5_ Siti Khofifah18 jam yang lalu

    Nana ngelirik ke taeyong itu loo wkwk

  • Kelly Alejandra Loaiza Medina
    Kelly Alejandra Loaiza Medina19 jam yang lalu

    La carita de Shotaro is so cute el esta tan emocionado de su primer MV 🥰 el primer proyecto al público Que hermoso! Y cada una de sus reacciones! 🥰

  • Aulia Rakhmanda P
    Aulia Rakhmanda P19 jam yang lalu


  • Saadhvi Cheruku
    Saadhvi Cheruku19 jam yang lalu

    Lucas❤️❤️..he is fanboying himself for us 🤭🤭..

  • Saadhvi Cheruku
    Saadhvi Cheruku19 jam yang lalu

    Isnt xiaojun so preety ❤️❤️

  • bunga Aaaa
    bunga Aaaa19 jam yang lalu

    Suka bgt liat Lucas wehh.. Lucas senang aku pun senang. ❤️

  • Dhiya Bunga Syafina
    Dhiya Bunga Syafina19 jam yang lalu


  • Juni Harlis
    Juni Harlis19 jam yang lalu

    gue liat shotaro kayak liat anak kecil..gemes banget >

  • nini's teddy bear
    nini's teddy bear19 jam yang lalu

    i love how the editor wrote for lucas : ♡ME♡

  • Salsabilla Desy R
    Salsabilla Desy R19 jam yang lalu

    shotaro is so cute i canttt

  • beyptr ytb
    beyptr ytb19 jam yang lalu

    Other member : Whooaaaa Whooaa Shotaro : BENGEEKKK 😭😆

  • Jihan Sadrina Solimi Ahsoy
    Jihan Sadrina Solimi Ahsoy19 jam yang lalu

    Humorku sebatas peniti di rambut lucas

    WONYO PPIE19 jam yang lalu


  • Naila Syakira / XI IPA 3 / 36
    Naila Syakira / XI IPA 3 / 3620 jam yang lalu

    'Xiajoun's wayv habbit' It's so cute.

  • Blue Side
    Blue Side20 jam yang lalu


  • AnNcKy
    AnNcKy20 jam yang lalu

    Xiaojun and Shotaro probably the best combo of cuties shsjsjjs

  • not a shipper fan
    not a shipper fan20 jam yang lalu

    I feel like I got to see the introvert Jaemin even more these days

  • sky 98
    sky 9820 jam yang lalu

    owww my xiaojun i love youuuu

  • Kamila Aguilar
    Kamila Aguilar20 jam yang lalu

    I G R I N N E D

  • jung jaehwa
    jung jaehwa21 jam yang lalu

    i can do this all day

  • Taecito con azúcar
    Taecito con azúcar21 jam yang lalu

    Lmao nobody's hyping Doyoung? ?😭😂 his face is like😑 the whole reaction😔✊

  • karura unicorn
    karura unicorn21 jam yang lalu

    No supero a Lucas tarareando la parte de Xiaojun😱💕💕

  • Mimie Jay
    Mimie Jay21 jam yang lalu

    So cute of Doyoung to include Shotaro and XiaoJun in commentary by asking them question 🥺

  • CH CH Sad Blue
    CH CH Sad Blue21 jam yang lalu

    So cuteee (ï¼¾-ï¼¾)

  • Diana
    Diana22 jam yang lalu

    La reacciones de Lucas cuando salía su parte 😂😂😂